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What sort of work would I be doing?

SelectCleaning is a home cleaning business. So we do work in peoples homes. We normally work from Monday to Friday during normal business hours. While our people also do all kinds of other work for their customers our base is the regular cleaning people do in their homes.

Is there a guarantee with the business?

Yes - our unique DoubleBusinessGuarantee gives you more certainty when you are starting your business and the knowledge that you have a back up if you lose jobs. Talk to us about how this works.

Do I have to pay any fees?

Yes. As with all franchise systems we have a monthly fee you pay. However, the fees are amoungst the lowest in the industry, are not charged until we have offered you the work we guarantee and you can build a larger business without paying extra fees. Talk to us about how this work.

Who pays me and when?

The customers pay you directly and generally they pay you after each clean. You control the money!

While Select has a unique guarantee our goal is to show you as quickly as possible how to generate new work (& income) from your existing customer base.

Who gets the jobs?

When you first start Select will quote work and win the jobs. We will then introduce you to the clients and you will carry on building a relationship with the client.

We will also show you how to get your own work so that you can then take more control of your business growth.

Do I need insurance?

Yes - you need at least Public Liability Insurance to cover you if something goes wrong. We can help you in setting this up.

What area do I work in?

We guarantee to get you work within a certain distance of your home. You can work outside of this area if you choose but Select cannot make you take jobs that are too far away. Talk to us about how this works